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Top 10 Insurance Tech Solution Companies - 2020


T echnological invasion in every sector has created quite the stir, and the insurance industry is no exception. The global insurance market is no longer dependent on agents to sell policies for high commissions; instead, it has resorted to online platforms and e-commerce channels to connect with target customers better. Being the home to almost one-third of the world’s population, the APAC region is undergoing drastic transitions in the wake of premium technologies. By mostly empowering employees with tools that enhance productivity, APAC insurers are digitizing their salesforce.

This entails a gradual shift in mindset among C-suites to openly embrace technology, break down barriers, and demonstrate how technology augments employee efforts. Also, bolstered by the positive feedback of performing insurance tasks online, insurers drive growth through D2C strategies–direct to the customer–where they engage digitally first with customers, cutting out “middleman” agents. Not only does digitizing insurance help in the preservation of fidelity of customer information, but it also drastically reduce costs.

In the wake of such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of CioReview APAC in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers to help them navigate the insurance realm. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 insurance tech solution providers 2020 to highlight the companies that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers are transforming the insurance landscape at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the insurance sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of CioReview APAC helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you CioReview APAC’s “Top 10 Insurance Tech Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Insurance Tech Solution Companies

  • bolttech is Pacific Century Group’s new international insurtech business with a mission to build the world’s leading, technology-enabled protection and insurance ecosystem. bolttech’s unique digital-first proposition is born out of its vision to connect people with more ways to protect the things they value–working seamlessly with a partner network of insurance carriers, banks, telcommunications and e-commerce players, and even ride-sharing and social media companies, enabling them to offer targeted and value-added protection solutions to their customers within their existing customers’ journeys

  • Insuradar is demystifying the insurance industry through SmartGenie, its unified and holistic platform that allows consumers to self-manage their insurance portfolios from anywhere. By automating the distribution and comparing insurance quotes from multiple insurers, SmartGenie simplifies the management, payment, and renewal of insurance policies for clients in a faster way. One of the leading providers to offer an Insurance Vault, SmartGenie drives value for customers, allowing them to securely store their data on any existing policies in the online vault. Powered by its intelligent AI and machine learning algorithms, SmartGenie consolidates all user information into a simple dashboard, enabling clients to keep track of their insurance policies, always

  • Canopius


    Canopius is a global specialty lines (re)insurer. Canopius is one of the top 10 insurers in the Lloyd’s insurance market. The company was formed via a management buyout in December 2003 and achieved significant growth since its foundation through a mix of organic expansion and acquisition. Canopius completed a second management buyout deal in March 2018, allowing them to become a standalone business with private equity backing from a consortium led by Centerbridge Partners

  • FidentiaX


    fidentiaX is a marketplace and repository of insurance policies for the masses that leverages on blockchain technology. Users will be able to buy, sell or store their insurance policies on the blockchain. This blockchain-powered marketplace will provide a trustless, immutable, auditable and transparent environment to disrupt the status quo

  • Medilink Network

    Medilink Network

    MediLink is a healthtech company committed to enabling efficient, accessible, and affordable healthcare. The company is a joint venture between Equicom and F.E. Zuellig that was established in 1999. The health community is a complex ecosystem that requires interactions among several key stakeholders — patients, doctors, hospitals, clinics, companies and insurers. MediLink’s integrated IT platform connects insurers, healthcare providers and insured members through an electronic network covering 2 million+ lives. Our services include underwriting validation, card production, eligibility check, transaction authorization, claim processing, and payment settlement, analytics, and AI-enabled decision support

  • Montoux


    As a business actuary, Montoux’s founder and Chief Product Officer Klaas Stijnen saw first-hand the challenges experienced by life insurers when it came to modernizing key actuarial processes, and so Montoux was born. In essence, Montoux provides a step-change in life insurance. The company combines data science and actuarial science to develop innovative, deep tech software solutions that solve difficult problems for life insurers. They focus on empowering customers to make data-driven decisions that drive more value (in all its forms) for both their business and customers

  • SimpleCRM


    SimpleWorks provides highly scalable CRM and Intelligent Automation solutions through its flagship platform SimpleCRM. SimpleCRM solution suite comprises sales management, contact center automation, digital marketing, field sales & support mobile apps, loyalty management, and a sophisticated BPM engine. It also includes a mature AI-powered chatbot platform and AI-based recommender systems

  • Sompo International

    Sompo International

    Sompo International Holdings Ltd. (Sompo International) is a specialty provider of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, established in March 2017 as the result of the acquisition of Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. by Sompo Holdings Ltd. (Sompo). Sompo's core business encompasses one of the largest property and casualty insurance groups in the Japanese domestic market. In addition, Sompo is engaged in the provision of insurance services as well as other related services through its global network of businesses operating in 32 countries around the world

  • SSP


    SSP is a leading global supplier of technology systems and software for the insurance industry that helps insurers and brokers to operate more efficiently in businesses. With a highly motivated, experienced and talented workforce, the company has been shaping the face of insurance technology for well over 30 years. SSP pride itself on developing enduring and successful relationships with customers and its solutions underpin some of the most well-known and respected insurance organizations worldwide, such as Legal & General, Direct Line Group, Endsleigh Insurance Services and Zurich

  • ZhongAn Technology

    ZhongAn Technology

    ZhongAn Technology focuses on the research of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and focuses on the technical output of insurance technology in domestic and foreign markets, helping insurance ecological customers to develop rapidly and with high quality, and achieving inclusive insurance. To become a strategic partner for the digital upgrade of the global insurance industry. ZhongAn Technology provides customers with business-proven technology, products and industry solutions, covering product design, precision marketing, underwriting, service and operation management in insurance operations and other key links, use technology to empower the insurance value chain

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