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Top 20 Hottest Insurance Tech Companies - 2018

The insurance space is emerging high and wide with variants of technologies aiding its growth. This data-driven industry has a lot to contribute to and gain from the data tycoons such as the big data and cloud computing technologies, by devoting to data analytics and other modeling techniques. With the applications of IoT proliferating, the insurance tech industry is anticipating a walk along its pace. Insurers are looking forward to exploiting some of IoT’s well-connected devices, which enables capturing information such as driving habits to promote efficient claiming of vehicles.

Further, the digital engagement of customers through social networking is a never-disappointing show for gaining insights into personal intents, assisting in finding and claiming the right policies and promoting an end-to-end service management. Evidently, building a customer-centric business model remains at the core of any insurance company and personalization is an important element of this model. According to Gartner, by 2020, there would be an increase of up to 15 percent in the profits of digital businesses with the implementation of smart personalization engines that recognizes customer preferences. Looking at the gush and evident advancements, insurance industries are now aiming for a higher stand amongst the other sectors in the global arena.

Keeping that in mind, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts including the CioReviewAPAC’s editorial board has charted out top 20 Hottest Insurance Tech Companies for the insurance tech industry. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you “20 Hottest Insurance Tech Companies - 2018”

    Top Hottest Insurance Tech Companies

  • Provides value-added services and niche products for general and medical insurance operations

  • Provides a highly scalable digital end-to-end multi-product

  • Provides software and services to the insurance industry

  • Candela Labs provides an end-to-end digital insurance platform, and helps insurers successfully take the digital leap

  • Providing a collaborative information exchange platform for the

  • Provides comprehensive, scalable, and affordable enterprise CRM solution targeted towards the price-sensitive Asian market

  • Provides personalized multi-channel cloud-enabled customer communications solutions

  • Anywhere 2 Go

    Anywhere 2 Go

    Facilitates all communication and claims between drivers and their insurance companies

  • Beyondkey


    Provides insurance workflow automation and innovative policy tracking applications

  • Cigniti Technologies

    Cigniti Technologies

    Helps global insurers in their digital transformation, thereby deliver improved customer experience and gain competitive advantage

  • Codafication


    Delivering an industry first technology platform which services an ecosystem of insurers, authorised repairers, third party vendors and

  • Exzeo


    Provides intelligent automation for the business processes of the insurance industry

  • Fiserv


    Transforms the way insurers engage policyholders through reduced complexity, regulatory risk and cost

  • Ozone Insuria

    Ozone Insuria

    Provides a web based application to analyze your business any time any where in the globe

  • Prime Technology Group

    Prime Technology Group

    Provides effective expertise by streamlining legacy business processes such as enrollments, underwriting, claims, and customer services

  • Quantiphi


    Predicts customr churns based on demographics and payment history

  • Saama


    Combine significant experience in modern data architecture design and construction with advanced insurance analytics applications

  • SSP


    Provides an intuitive, browser-based engagement centre over a feature-packed system offering every function for managing clients, their policies, billing and claims

  • Synpulse


    Supports non-life insurers by providing growth through digital process improvement

  • Torana


    Provides business intelligence and analytic solutions, also helps perform legacy modernization

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