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Dan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer APAC, Blue PrismDan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer APAC
Companies are struggling to adopt digital transformation widely because of the high cost, time, and effort associated with such projects. It requires much human resources, and mostly the IT department is not well-staffed to deal with these transformation initiatives. They can only focus on a small subset of those initiatives as enterprises do not have the resources or the capacity. Enterprises are constrained by the integration and automation approaches they have used in the past. This is where RPA and London-based Blue Prism comes into the picture. Business owners or subject matter experts can apply Blue Prism’s no code or low code tools to more sophisticated use cases than merely vanilla RPA. Blue Prism offers the ability to integrate siloed back-end legacy applications with front end technologies and systems of engagement like NLP, AI, or chatbots. “Blue Prism operationalises and democratises digital innovation, enabling you to integrate faster and roll out digital transformation initiatives quickly and easily,” states Dan Ternes, chief technology officer at Blue Prism, APAC. Integrating Blue Prism adjacent technologies into a holistic solution has helped many clients elevate the customer experience and grow their short-term tactical successes into a long-term strategic vision for a hybrid workforce of the future.

Compared to the general RPA market, Blue Prism is always a step ahead and focuses on automating core business processes such as claims or underwriting or policy services in the insurance industry to achieve operational excellence. A Blue Prism solution makes massive improvements to a company’s bottom-line numbers based on productivity, turnaround times, and throughputs.

Blue Prism is enabling Zurich to rapidly assess incoming documents to remove the pain from front line staff while contributing to an enhanced digital customer experience

In comparison to other key RPA vendors, Blue Prism’s approach to crafting solutions is entirely different as the firm emphasizes “how” to build a solution rather than “what” to make. The “what” is not the harbinger of success. The firm focuses on building a secure solution for re-use, long-term change management, non-repudiation, and auditability. Failure to do so creates a significant barrier in progressing from a small-scale, tactical rollout to a strategic, widespread one.

Consider a common drawback for RPA. Since applications change frequently, RPA processes that rely on these applications will often need to be updated. At a small-scale, that change management headache is annoying yet manageable; however, at an enterprise-scale, it becomes all-consuming as potentially dozens of processes that interact with common screens each need to be corrected. The effect is two-fold. First, the smooth running of day-to-day business operations is impacted. Second, automation teams suddenly find that all their capacity is devoted to keeping the lights on. “It is a function of our approach towards how we build automations for reuse and to be insulated from change,” adds Ternes.

Over the last couple of years, Blue Prism has made significant investments into its platform and widened the components so that its customers can address more complex use cases within their organizations. Instead of utilizing third-party tools for OCR, the company has now implemented its document processing software in tight integration with the robots so that clients can more efficiently handle any process with a document component such as insurance forms and documents. Earlier clients integrated Blue Prism with a third-party BPM tool to manage the human workforce, but Blue Prism has extended its intelligent RPA platform to support a workflow style construct that enables collaboration between robots and human workers. To address the scale challenges, the firm has made it easier to operate the platform and simplified the design experience so that clients can quickly bring a concept to a solution in production. From an operational perspective, Blue Prism has introduced web-based interfaces and APIs so that customers can gain a lot more control over the operational handling of the platform. Blue Prism’s unique software licencing model means that customers get access to all the new components without additional charge.

For instance, Zurich Insurance Group was struggling with inefficiencies in processes and delivery across the entire organization, impacting its ability to serve customers well. The client approached Blue Prism to implement intelligent automation and deploy its digital workforce. Today, 68 Blue Prism digital workers carry out 140 processes, supporting 85% of the insurer’s functions. These digital workers have assisted with a rapid notification portal built during the pandemic to allow customers to report claims quickly. Blue Prism is enabling Zurich to rapidly assess incoming documents to remove the pain from front line staff while contributing to an enhanced digital customer experience. “RPA gives you better staff morale and employee engagement as it enables humans to do what they are best suited for,” concludes Ternes.
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Dan Ternes, Chief Technology Officer APAC

Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation, and the company’s competent digital workforce is intelligent, secure, scalable, and accessible to all

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