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Top 10 Insurance Tech Solution Companies - 2021

Take a look around, and you are bound to see that technological innovation is acting as the driving force for any industry today. And needless to say, insurance companies are also among those modern organizations that heavily incorporate the latest technological innovations to improve their efficiency and customer experience.

Among several technological strides, utilizing blockchain tech is a crucial, innovative strategy that insurance companies are rapidly adopting. Thanks to its core tenets of decentralization that all departments (IT, claims processing, or underwriting) can access records simultaneously. This is saving a significant amount of time and effort in record keeping and information processing. Also, since blockchains share data with all departments, including third parties providing valuable data, such as meteorological agencies and field agents, insurance companies are evaluating risk with minimal effort. Besides, with a higher data accuracy more rate, the chances of fraudulent claims are also on the decline.

Meanwhile, AI-based robo-advisors are stepping into the picture to help insurance companies in meeting clients' needs at any time of the day and without any deferral. From collecting customer data and processing queries to even underwriting new policies, robo-advisers take care of all the routine and repetitive insurance operations that do not need human intervention.

At this juncture, there are numerous insurance tech solution providers that are playing a vital role in the insurance industry by deploying smart, connected technologies. Hence, to assist insurers in choosing the right insurance tech solution provider, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, along with the editorial board of CIOReview APAC, has selected the leading insurance tech solution providers who can help you stay ahead in a competitive industry.

We present to you CIOReview APAC's "Top 10 Insurance Tech Solution Providers – 2021"

    Top Insurance Tech Solution Companies

  • Amodo provides solutions to companies interested in applying for usage-based insurance products


  • Appsure is a client-centric digital-first solution provider. With over 20 years of experience in the financial service technology sector, Appsure takes care of everything from point of sale, administration, and financial reporting.The company utilizes disruptive technologies such as micro decision service architectures, digital decisioning and machine learningto outperform larger competitors hampered by their legacy architecture.As a result, Appsure boasts the ability to develop, test, and deploy revolutionary products in days rather than weeks


  • Blue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation, and the company’s competent digital workforce is intelligent, secure, scalable, and accessible to all


  • Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, DynaFront specializes in life insurance applications, including developing and deploying complete and comprehensive insurance software ranging from frontend sales to backend administrative systems. DynaFront is built on one theme – to guarantee cost-effective and quality delivery through innovative solutions to enable our partner to excel. Serving the growing Asia-Pacific insurance industry, DynaFront offers flexible, high-performing IT solutions to local and multinational insurance companies. The company's extensive experience in the insurance industry and in-depth domain knowledge, coupled with our broad IT expertise, has been instrumental in designing and engineering their software solutions and the business' success over the years


  • eBaoTech® is a technology solution provider for global insurance industry. The company is on a mission to “make insurance easy”. eBaoTech have clients in more than 30 countries across all continents, serving numerous insurers, agents, brokers, InsurTech startups and others in the insurance ecosystem. eBaoTech's digital solutions include both SaaS and PaaS, built purely based on cloud native and microservices architecture. InsureMO® aims to become a global standard insurance PaaS/middleware; eBaoCloud® SaaS includes DigitalCore® for insurers and selective ecosystem platforms in certain markets


  • Underwriteme has developed a transformational underwriting engine for its clients to redefine underwriting workflows. The firm was launched as a protection platform in the UK in 2012; since then, team Underwriteme has worked its way up the ladder in underwriting protection, securing over 25 per cent of the protection market with its solutions. Through its underwriting engine, the company provides an API for insurers to automate underwriting processes in their business


  • bolttech


    bolttech is an international insurtech with a mission to build the world’s leading, technology-enabled ecosystem for protection and insurance. bolttech serves customers in 26 markets across North America, Asia and Europe. With a full suite of digital and data-driven capabilities, bolttech powers connections between insurers, distributors, and customers to make it easier and more efficient to buy and sell insurance and protection products

  • Cheche Technology

    Cheche Technology

    Cheche Technology is a leading InsurTech company established in 2014. It is headquartered in Beijing, China with 160 regional branches located in 26 provinces and cities across the country and two R & D centers in Beijing and Guangzhou. The company's core management and technology teams come from well-known technology and financial/insurance firms, such as Huawei, ByteDance, PICC, Dajia, Sunshine Insurance, BlackRock etc. Relying on our strong technologies, rich digital and operational experiences in the insurance industry, Cheche have reshaped the traditional auto insurance distribution and services value chain thus creating China's leading digital platform by improving operational efficiencies, reducing transaction costs and expanding distribution channels in insurance

  • ClaimSafe


    ClaimSafe is a cloud-based Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) that connects everyone 24/7. The firm has developed an innovative platform to help manage emergency home Assistance. The platform allows its users to allocate the best possible trade for a Make Safe service instantly. ClaimSafe mobile portal also gives all stakeholder the ability to upload costs, photos and generate reports in real time. By connecting everyone through automation and transparency ClaimSafe can achieve consistent Emergency response outcomes

  • ZA Tech

    ZA Tech

    ZA Tech is the technology venture founded by ZhongAn Online, a global leader in online insurance, and backed by Softbank’s Vision Fund. ZA Tech’s solution originated from the use-cases of ZhongAn and is utilized by external partners, including leading insurers to enable them to unlock the value of digital partnerships and accelerate the go-to-market for the new generation of online insurance. ZA Tech is redefining the insurance landscape by enabling digital ecosystems to easily embed relevant protection within their customer journeys

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