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Indraneel Fuke, SimpleWorksIndraneel Fuke
Firm in the grip of the ongoing digital revolution, insurance companies are looking at customer-centric ways to remain viable as the balance of power shifts in favor of consumers. Companies are aggressively working toward managing customer relationships for optimal success. After delivering hundreds of successful customer relationship management (CRM) projects globally for such companies, it became apparent to the founders of SimpleWorks Business Solutions Pte Ltd (SimpleWorks) that organizations across Asia stood in need of a comprehensive CRM solution with a pricing model that factored in the realities of the local economy. In line with this demand, the company offers enterprise-class, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions in the areas of CRM and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower insurance companies to go digital.

SimpleWorks is an ISO 27001:2013 certified technology startup that provides highly scalable CRM and AI-Based solutions for mid-sized and large enterprises across the Asia Pacific. The company counts several large insurance and banking organizations in Asia among its customers where it has delivered fast and scalable solutions for lead management, contact centre automation, digital marketing, agent mobile apps, insurance dashboards, and AI-based chatbots, AI-based claims processing, and AI-based predictive analytics. SimpleWorks boasts of a top-notch product SimpleCRM that is built on open source stack and AI-based solutions based on Google's AI/ML framework. What makes the company second to none is its dynamic team with an experience of over 350 software projects.

Evidently, SimpleWorks has prominent customers in the insurance, banking, and financial services industry with thousands of CRM users across the Asia Pacific.

“SimpleWorks’ solutions are known across the industries for providing comprehensive, robust, and feature-rich solutions at half the cost of other top-tier equivalent solutions that can scale to any level and integrate with any existing systems,” says Indraneel Fuke, Founder and Director of SimpleWorks. Their offerings are highly customizable to precisely meet customer requirements with the capability of both, on-cloud or on-premise deployments.

Fuke cites of an interesting case study where SimpleWorks’ is assisting one of the prominent general insurance companies in Asia that processes more than 1,000 motor insurance claims per month. In order to maintain operational efficiency, the client contracted SimpleWorks to provide an AI-based motor accident claims processing and chatbot solution. The motor accident claims processing AI from SimpleWorks automates the process of analyzing the accident images sent by the customer through their mobile app, identifies the vehicle type and various parts appearing in the images, assesses damage level of the identified parts and prepares a claim settlement recommendation to assist the claims processing team. This is expected to significantly lower the time taken to process high-volume small motor claims and will allow the earlier human judgment based claims assessment process to be efficiently augmented (or replaced) by fast, accurate, and consistent AI. The AI-based chatbot solution from SimpleWorks acts as 24x7, multi-lingual virtual assistant for internal teams and customers for answering FAQs, check claim status, submit new claims, complete documentation upload to support existing pending-input claims, and more.

SimpleWorks is further investing in several AI-based technologies to solve the current and future challenges faced by insurance companies. For example, the company is working on leveraging trained AI-based models to predict the lapse or non-renewal of insurance policies. SimpleWorks is also working on advanced, voice-enabled, AI-powered virtual assistants that will not only help with general FAQs, and specific enquires, but also complete payment transactions. “These virtual assistants could be deployed over Alexa or Google home,” explains Fuke.
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